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A Word from the Doctor:

Welcome to Transcendental, LLC. Many have asked me about the meaning behind the name of the practice; and I usually tell them that it is based on the literal translation of the word "transcend". According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the word "transcend" means, "to rise above or go beyond the limits of." I took this meaning and used it as my guide to how I practice dentistry.

In order to fully understand the level of dentistry that I practice, I will briefly paraphrase a story that was told to me a long time ago. The story takes place in Greece where a talented sculptor was hired by a city council to carve statues of Greek gods to decorate the walls of the city temple. The council gave the sculptor several months to complete the project. As the deadline was approaching, the council was becoming impatient because the sculptor was nowhere near completion. He pleaded the council for more time, and they granted him two more weeks. The sculptor finally completed the project, and the whole city showed up for the unveiling of his statues.

As the curtains came down, everyone was in awe at the beauty of his creations. Several council members approached the sculptor and asked him, "Why did you put so much detail into the back of the statues? No one will ever see them because they are against the walls." The sculptor replied "Yes, but the gods will see them and so will I." This story perfectly illustrates the philosophy behind my dentistry. Like the sculptor, I will always take that extra time and effort to provide the best quality dentistry possible. Whether it be a simple cleaning or a full-mouth rehabilitation, I will not settle for anything less than perfection.