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By Transcendental, LLC
August 22, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Do you have one or two little flaws that keep your smile from being perfect? Teeth contouring offers a simple way to correct minor teeth contouringcosmetic issues quickly. Dr. Toan Bui, your Clifton, NJ dentist, explains how teeth contouring can help you improve your smile.

What is teeth contouring?

Teeth contouring involves removing a small amount of enamel, the hard substance that makes up the outer layer of your teeth. Because contouring only affects your enamel, anesthetic isn't normally needed during treatment.

When is contouring used?

Contouring can be helpful if you have:

  • Chipped teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Pointy teeth
  • Minor bite problems
  • A tooth that is just a little longer than the others

How is teeth contouring performed?

Before your dentist contours your teeth, he'll X-ray them to ensure that they are healthy. After marking your teeth, he'll use a sanding drill or laser and abrasive strips to remove enamel in the designated areas. After contouring is completed, your teeth will be polished to eliminate any rough surfaces.

In some cases, your dentist may also recommend bonding to help your contoured tooth look even better. Composite resin, the material used in bonding, is very flexible and looks like putty. Your Clifton dentist can manipulate it into any shape. It's often used to conceal chips, lengthen teeth or fill gaps. Once composite resin cures, it's just as hard as your tooth enamel.

What are the benefits of contouring?

In addition to improving your appearance, teeth contouring can also improve your oral health, particularly if your teeth overlap. Plaque--a colorless, sticky film that causes cavities--builds up in overlapping areas that brushes and floss can't reach. Removing overlapping areas with teeth contouring makes it much easier to brush and floss.

How do I take care of my teeth after contouring?

Removing enamel can increase the risk of chipping. You can prevent the problem if you avoid hard foods, don't use your teeth to open packages, and don't bite on ice, pens or other hard objects.

Contouring is a good option for correcting those little imperfections that can make you feel self-conscious about your teeth. Call Dr. Bui, your Clifton, NJ dentist, at (973) 458-9899 to schedule an appointment to learn if teeth contouring is a good option for you. Transform your smile with contouring!