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By Transcendental, LLC
June 16, 2021
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Looking to replace your lost tooth and fix your smile? How about a visit to your Clifton, NJ, dentist of Transcendental, Dr. Toan Bui, to discuss revamping your smile with dental bridges.

What Is a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a tooth appliance consisting of two or more dental crowns and a false tooth in the middle that replaces your missing tooth. Dental bridges are one of the numerous tooth restorations available for you.

Types of Dental Bridges

  • Traditional Bridges These bridges consist of two dental crowns which will sit on your natural teeth and a pontic in between. It's usually made of porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, or ceramic.
  • Cantilever Bridges They're made of the same material as traditional bridges but they are anchored on only one side. Cantilever bridges are prone to damage from chewing so, they're not the best option for your back teeth.
  • Maryland Bridges They're attached to your natural teeth by wings usually on only one side. They could be porcelain, porcelain bonded to metal, or plastic teeth and gums with a metal or porcelain support.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • They Complete Your Smile That gap your lost tooth leaves behind can ruin your smile. It could also dampen your self-esteem, holding you back from smiling often. Luckily, dental bridges can fill out that gap. The porcelain crowns look like your natural teeth, so your tooth restoration is unnoticeable.
  • They Prevent Shifting When you lose a tooth or more, they leave behind a gap. Your remaining natural teeth tend to shift and move into the space. This shifting could give you crooked teeth and affect your oral function. Your teeth shifting into the gaps could put off your TMJ alignment, therefore, altering your bite. Your dentist in Clifton, NJ, can help preserve your dental alignment with dental bridges. They'll fill out the gaps so that your smile stays intact.
  • Confidence Boost If losing your teeth had forced you to hide away your smile, you won't have to anymore. Your dentist will ensure that your tooth restorations match your natural teeth as closely as possible. So, you can smile or speak confidently and people will be none the wiser.

Fill that gap and fix your teeth with dental bridges. Call (973) 458-9899 to schedule your consultation with your Clifton, NJ, dentist, Dr. Bui of Transcendental to learn more about dental bridges today.

By Transcendental, LLC
February 20, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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A dental bridge spans the gap created by missing teeth. At Transcendental in Clifton, NJ, dentist Dr. Toan Bui uses dental bridges to bring smiles back to best appearance and function after tooth loss. Learn how these traditional prosthetics could work for you.

Have you lost a tooth or two?

Don't despair. At Transcendental in Clifton, NJ, your dentist and his team can address that problem, fixing your impaired biting, chewing and speech and restoring your smile appearance.

Most conventional bridges consist of pontic, or artificial teeth, held in place by porcelain crowns attached to remaining natural teeth. The strongest bridge options consist of crowns on opposing sides of the artificial teeth or pontics held in place by titanium dental implants.

The crown treatment

First, Dr. Bui will examine your teeth and gums. Also, he'll take oral impressions so the dental lab can create a model of your mouth. With this model, the technician makes the teeth and crowns to accurately fit your smile gap and dental bite.

When you return to the office, Dr. Bui will prepare your teeth for the crowns. He uses a permanent cement to bond the appliance in place. With some final adjustments for bite, your new smile is ready to go.

Benefits of dental bridges

Dental bridges recreate excellent smile aesthetics. They make biting and chewing efficient and make speech clear once again.

In addition, bridges keep adjoining natural teeth well-aligned. The pontics are naturally colored and shaped so the appliance looks realistic.

Finally, with regular care with your dentist in his Clifton, NJ, office, and your careful at-home brushing and flossing, your bridge should last for a decade or more. Implant-supported dental bridges have even longer lifespans, and because of their titanium anchors, they improve underlying gum tissue and jaw bone.

Here's a word of caution, however. Any bridge can fracture if you eat hard foods such as peanut brittle or consistently grind or clench your teeth. Ask Dr. Bui if a night-time bite guard would benefit your bridgework and your other teeth as well.

Contact us

At Transcendental in Clifton, NJ, Dr. Toan Bui provides the best in restorative dentistry. Dental bridges help people just like you rebuild their damaged smiles. You can look good and feel like yourself again. Phone our office for a dental bridge consultation: (973) 458-9899.