The Benefits of Dental Bridges
By Transcendental, LLC
April 04, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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If you are missing a tooth, you may have noticed that chewing or speaking has become more difficult. You may also be embarrassed by your gap, or feel as though it increases your self-consciousness. If this is the case, you could benefit from a dental bridge. This dental Bridgesrestoration from your Clifton, NJ dentist at Transcendental Smiles gives you back your smile, making you look great and feel even better.

What is a dental bridge? 
A dental bridge is a dental restoration which, as the name implies, bridges the gap left behind from a missing tooth. The bridge itself is made from porcelain and has three prosthetic teeth in a row. A permanent, or fixed, bridge has a dental crown on either end. The crowns attach to the healthy teeth surrounding the gap, using them as an anchor. Removable bridges attach to the surrounding teeth using hidden metal clasps to fit onto the teeth.

Why is a dental bridge necessary? 
Sometimes, unfortunately, saving your natural tooth is simply impossible. Some common reasons for extractions include teeth which are heavily decayed or which are too weak or compromised to support a dental crown. Tooth loss also occurs due to trauma to the tooth. No matter what the reason, a missing tooth takes a toll on more than just your appearance. The surrounding teeth might move to compensate for the gap, or the bone underneath could begin to atrophy. Dental bridges help prevent these unfortunate side effects of tooth loss from happening.

The Procedure
The entire dental bridge process is usually completed within two dental visits. At the first visit, your Clifton dentist takes a mold of your mouth. A dental laboratory uses this mold to fabricate a completely customized dental bridge according to your mouth. If your dentist suggests a permanent bridge, the two teeth which hold it require preparation. This involves shaving parts of the enamel from the tooth so that it fits inside of the crown and ensures a perfect fit. The dental laboratory needs several weeks to complete the permanent restoration. Your second visit takes place after the bridge comes back from the lab. Your dentist then permanently secures it to your teeth.

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