Signs That You May Have Oral Cancer
By Transcendental, LLC
September 10, 2019
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Oral cancer doesn't always cause alarming changes in your mouth—in fact, some of the symptoms may only seem like minor problems at first. Fortunately, your Clifton, NJ, dentist, Dr. Toan Bui, can determine if the symptoms that you're experiencing may be caused by cancer. Read on to learn more:


Pain is part of your body's early warning system. Although everyone experiences aches and pains from time to time, frequent pain shouldn't be ignored. If you have oral cancer, you may notice pain in your mouth, teeth, or jaw.

Slow-healing sores

Cancer can interfere with the healing process. Accordingly, sores that never seem to heal or heal very slowly can both be early signs of cancer. If you have a cut or sore that hasn't healed after a few weeks, let your Clifton dentist know.

Lumps, bumps, and spots

Have you noticed any lumps or bumps in your mouth/neck or red or white patches/spots in your mouth? These changes may occur if you have oral cancer.

A chronic sore throat

Chronic sore throat pain may occur if you have acid reflux, tonsillitis, or allergies. Unfortunately, constant throat pain may also be a sign of oral cancer.

Voice changes

Regular hoarseness or an overall change in the way your voice sounds may both be related to oral cancer in some cases. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if the changes last more than a week or two, or don't occur with an upper respiratory virus.

Lump-in-the-throat sensation

Do you feel as if you constantly have a lump in your throat? In addition to oral cancer, the problem can also be caused by anxiety or acid reflux.

Teeth and denture issues

Oral cancer may cause your teeth to loosen or might change the way your dentures fit.

Eating problems

Chewing and swallowing problems can also be caused by oral cancer. If you have trouble swallowing, moving your jaw, or notice that your tongue or mouth are numb, call your dentist as soon as possible.

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