Sign Its Time to See a Dentist
By Transcendental, LLC
January 19, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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If you've stumbled upon this page there is a chance you may already be dealing with a situation that requires a visit. The dentist's office sparks in us apprehension that can make us put off making an appointment for as long as possible. But this approach almost assumes that dental problems can go away on their own when the contrary is the truth. The earlier you confront your dental problems the more routine your visit will be. To learn more contact your Clifton, NJ, dentist Dr. Toan Bui of Transcendental, LLC.

Visible Concerns

If you are embarrassed to show off your smile because of an imperfection or two then consider coming in to see your dentist. Problems like crowded teeth, gaps, or missing teeth can all be addressed with a variety of treatments.

Treating these, and other conditions go beyond the aesthetic. When the spacing between teeth is too limited it can be difficult to remove the plaque in these hard-to-reach spaces, which may eventually lead to tooth decay. Spaces too wide can allow food to become trapped inside and may cause similar results. Missing teeth cause the others to shift and may create problems with your bite and the spacing issues mentioned above.


If your gums bleed when your brush your teeth it's important to seek help as it could be a sign of gum disease. Gum disease a leading cause of tooth loss in adults and is most easily treated in its early stages.

Pain, in general, signifies a dental problem that's already progressed. Depending on the severity of the pain you may even require emergency intervention.


If you have not visited your dentist in some time then it's the surest sign that you should schedule a visit. Waiting until the discomfort is obvious can limit the types of treatments available to you. But with regular checkups, your dentist can treat these problems before they exacerbate and when paired with proper hygiene at home, may even help prevent them.

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